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Dear Parents,
As we get closer to the holidays, kids (adults too) become really excited. We share in their excitement as I definitely think there is a little kid in all of us. It will be extremely important that students finish strong (maximum effort given daily) before Winter break. The tendency will be to focus on visiting with relatives, opening presents or maybe going somewhere special. We ask that you help us by helping the children to maintain their focus on learning. There are several things that parents or family members can do:  Ask your child what they specifically learned in a subject. We ask that all our teachers put their objectives on the board in “kid lingo.” Your child should be able to tell you what they worked on in every subject from one day to the next. Make sure your child maintains a nightly reading schedule of 20 to 30 minutes. Discuss the story or book your child is reading and ask your child to re-tell what he or she has read. Talk to your child specifically about staying focused on learning while at school especially this time of year.

Thanks for Your Help, Dr. LeMaster

December Manatee Message

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